Server Colocation

Colocation lets clients take advantage of superior datacenter infrastructure while maintaining control of their servers. Datacenter amenities include physical security, environmental control (constant temperature and humidity maintenance, particulates filtration), fire suppression systems, redundant power sources and UPS backup, large capacity of multi-homed quality bandwidth, and available server monitoring and technical services.

Colocation is an effective way to achieve business continuity, scalability, and minimal network latency, at a fraction of the cost it takes to accomplish the same in a private datacenter, while maintaining total control over the physical server, the operating system and the applications.

Here are some of the options and benefits of locating your server at one of our datacenters:

  • Climate controlled environment
  • UPS battery systems
  • Backup power generator
  • Alarmed security system
  • Connected to multi-homed fiber backbones with BGP failover

Please call 1-800-206-2096 or contact us for a specific quote.

Rack Space

Rack space is billed per unit (RU) of space required.1

Additional RU's charged at a discount.

$150 per month


Power is billed per kilowatt hour of usage.2

$0.15 per kilowatt hour


Network access up to 1G available.

10M/10M $100 per month

Physical Access

Scheduled access available 8-5 Monday-Friday.

Scheduled after hours access billed per hour.

$50 per hour

  1. Because they cannot be rack mounted and require additional space, all tower PC's will be assessed as 4U or greater
  2. Additional fees apply for service above 20 Amps