Residential Fiber Internet Plan Pricing

  • Principal Fiber 100

    $55 Monthly

    • 100 x 100 Mbps
    • No Data Caps, Modem/Router Included
    • $80 with phone bundle
  • Professional Fiber 300

    $75 Monthly

    • 300 x 300 Mbps
    • No Data Caps, Modem/Router Included
    • $100 with phone bundle
  • Pinnacle Fiber 1 Gig

    $95 Monthly

    • 1000 x 1000 Mbps
    • No Data Caps, Modem/Router Included
    • $120 with phone bundle

You save $15 per month when you bundle Internet and phone service together

*Internet Speed claims represent maximum network Service Capability speeds. Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.
*Fiber services are only available in select areas.
*Prices listed above require a 24 month contract.
*Customers that are not under contract will pay $30 per month over the pricing listed above. Customers may enter into a 24 month contract at any time to lock in lower pricing.
*Advertised price does not include additional taxes and/or fees.

Fiber Internet Service FAQ

What is Total Highspeed Fiber?

Total Highspeed Fiber is a High Capacity Fiber Optic Internet Service, a service provided by Total Highspeed Internet Solutions. Total Highspeed provides Internet Service to customers in Missouri and Arkansas via Fiber Optic Cable and Microwave Wireless Signals from 140+ towers and repeaters.


How fast is Total Highspeed Fiber?

Total Highspeed Fiber provides internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, and it's transferred to you at the speed of Light! The Local Cable Company typically provides speeds up to 50Mbps. We provide up to 20x faster speeds compared to Cable. Even DSL from the phone company can't keep up! They provide service over a copper connection. We all know that the speed of light is faster on fiber!


What is Total Highspeed Fiber Internet?

The Total Highspeed Fiber Network consists of miles of fiber optic cables. Inside these cables there are many strands of fiber optic cables, about as thin as a human hair. We use one single strand of fiber to deliver data at speeds up to 1 Gbps (1000Mbps), roughly 100 times faster than the average connection in the US today.


Do you provide a wireless router?

Total Highspeed Fiber does provide wireless routers as an add-on service. We don't provide support for in-home wireless connectivity for third party wireless routers. We highly recommend you upgrade your router and/or computer to get the best experience with our service. In some cases, a large home might need multiple routers, and it is suggested to make sure they are directly connected to the fiber service for best results.


What is the construction fee for?

The construction fee goes towards the materials, labor, and equipment needed to bring a fiber connection to your business. If the construction path is over 300', additional construction charges may apply.


How reliable is Total Highspeed Fiber?

Since the fiber optic technology that we use is much more advanced than the copper wires maintained by cable and telephone companies, Total Highspeed fiber service is not subject to the slowdowns that you might have experienced with cable Internet or DSL (e.g. in the evening when lots of people are trying to get online). The Total Highspeed Fiber network is engineered from the ground up for reliable Internet service.


Can you compare it to cable or DSL?

Total Highspeed Business Fiber speeds are symmetric, they operate at the same speed when downloading or uploading. Cable and DSL are asymmetric, they operate at a slower speed when uploading than when downloading, usually 1/10th the speed.

The upload portion of your bandwidth is very important, especially when working from home, backing up to the iCloud, Gaming, Video Conferencing, and emailing large files. We don't restrict your bandwidth like other providers.


What will you provide as part of the installation?

Total Highspeed Fiber will install a fiber cable from it's nearest splice point to your home or business. Most splice points are located in ground level hand holes, located by other utility infrastructure near or on your property. Then we will install a Network Interface Device (small box, approximately 9"x9"x2") on the side of your home. Then we will transition to indoor fiber and determine the best location for termination. From this point, we will install an Optical Network Terminal, and be able to provide you a Gigabit Connection to our network over Ethernet. You can use this to install into your network, router, or computer.