Does this use a satellite receiver?

Total Highspeed service is not to be confused with satellite access, like Hughes (www.hughes.com); or lumped in with cellular phone services which are slow, require handheld devices, and often have expensive data limits. Total Highspeed Internet access does not suffer from the latency or weather fade that plagues satellite based Internet delivery. Total Highspeed service is not effected by rain, fog or snow. 

Fixed wireless does not require satellite systems, a cable connection, or even local phone service. By eliminating many of the expenses associated with other high-speed services, we are able to pass much of the savings on to our customers, providing an affordable yet high performance service for business and demanding residential users. 

Total Highspeed uses a small microwave antenna that is attached to a radio at the customer premises. The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is pointed back to an access point on one of our communications or water towers. Even during rain or snow, your Total Highspeed connection will be strong, reliable, and out of reach of falling limbs, outages, and other effects prone to wired networks.