Residential High Speed Rural Internet

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Prices are for monthly residential service. For business service pricing, please contact us or sign up online!

Many times you receive (but are not guaranteed) much faster speeds than what you pay for. To see if service is available in your area, please check our coverage map, or call our office at 1-800-206-2096.

All of our services are unlimited; there are no download caps!

Wireless Access Point (optional)

Total Highspeed will provide a Wireless Access Point, sometimes known as a Router, for just $7.50/month. Don’t worry: if there is ever a problem with your device, we will take care of it.

Installation fee

A one time installation fee of $99.00 applies to all plans. Installation includes everything needed to start surfing the internet! The Total Highspeed Wireless Access Point is available with an additional install fee of $25.00. All plans are "up to" speeds.


download. (Base speed is 512kbps, many customers will receive 2Mbps.)

This plan is for e-mail and basic web browsing.


download. (Base speed is 768kbps, many customers will receive 3Mbps.)

This plan is great for social media gaming.


download. (Base speed is 1Mbps, many customers will receive 4Mbps.)

This plan is for downloading movies or data transfers.


download. (Base speed is 1.5Mbps, many customers will receive 6Mbps.)

This plan is great for online gaming.


download. (Base speed is 4Mbps, many customers will receive 8Mbps.)

This plan is great for dual streaming or streaming while online.

Home Office Plan

download with 3Mbps upload.

This plan is great for working from home or online gaming with multiple devices.