Residential Wireless Internet Plan Pricing

  • Email

    $55 Monthly

    • 2 Mbps Down
    • No Data Caps
    • Great for e-mail and web browsing
  • Elite

    $85 Monthly

    • 3 Mbps Down
    • No Data Caps
    • Great for social media
  • Deluxe

    $115 Monthly

    • 4 Mbps Down
    • No Data Caps
    • Great for downloading
  • Executive

    $165 Monthly

    • 6 Mbps Down
    • No Data Caps
    • Great for online gaming
  • Super

    $225 Monthly

    • 8 Mbps Down
    • No Data Caps
    • Great for online streaming/gaming
  • Home Office

    $225 Monthly

    • 6 Mbps x 3 Mbps
    • No Data Caps
    • Great for working from home
  • Custom


    • 10 Mbps x 3 Mbps
    • No Data Caps

You save $15 per month when you bundle Internet and phone service together

*Internet Speed claims represent maximum network Service Capability speeds.
*All plans are best effort up to the advertised speed, they are not guaranteed.
*Advertised price does not include additional taxes and/or fees.
*Some plans and services are only available in select areas.
*Installation fees may vary by location.
*Some plans and/or services may require a contract term that will be disclosed prior to installation.
*Any additional fees and/or construction costs will be disclosed prior to installation.
*Prices are subject to a $10 yearly increase until the service level reaches the Full Rate.

You can depend on Total Highspeed

We are a financially strong company that is audited yearly by one of the most Prestigious accounting firms in the USA.

Additional Information

Many times you receive (but are not guaranteed) much faster speeds than what you pay for. To see if service is available in your area, please check our coverage map, or call our office at 1-800-206-2096.

All of our services are unlimited; there are no download caps!

Total Highspeed will provide a Wireless Access Point, sometimes known as a Router, for just $7.50/month. Don’t worry: if there is ever a problem with your device, we will take care of it.

A one-time installation fee of $299.00 applies to all plans. Installation includes everything needed to start surfing the internet! The Total Highspeed Wireless Access Point is available with an additional install fee of $25.00.

For customers that need additional infrastructure (tower or Utility Pole or Fiber) constructed on your property and would like to obtain a loan to pay for it, please click on the LightStream banner on the upper right side of this page.

What is the LightStream loan?

Hoes does the LightStream loan work? Three easy steps