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Yes, it is true. Ask us how!

Here at Total Highspeed we have always had a referral program. Up until now, if you refer a customer to us, we offer $2.00 a month off your bill for one year. That is $24.00 savings on your bill just for one customer, a nice savings but only for one year.

Now, we are offering a bigger, better referral program. If you refer 5 or more New fixed wireless customers to us, and they establish service, you will receive either a $50/mo fixed wireless residential plan for free or $50/mo credit on your bill put towards your fixed wireless residential plan. There is no expiration date. You just have to maintain at least 5 active referrals in order to have the credit applied towards your account.

Here are the Rules:

  1. You have an active, current Residential fixed wireless account with Total Highspeed.

  2. You refer friends and family to Total Highspeed, they are installed and receiving fixed wireless service from Total Highspeed for 3 months or better.

  3. Once you have five customers referred by you on your account, $50/mo credit is applied to your bill each month.

  4. You must maintain at least 5 referral customers in order to keep the $50/mo credit. Anytime you fall below the 5, you will be billed the full amount of your current plan.

  5. The maximum credit you can receive is $50/mo. There will be no monetary payouts for referring customers.

Thank you for your business and we greatly appreciate you sending referrals to us. It’s a pleasure to have you as part of the Total Highspeed Family!


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