TCP Port 25 Blocking Policy and Exception Request Form

Revised March 2014


Port 25 Frequently Asked Questions
RFC 5068


Total Highspeed is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) committed to providing our customers the services they need to be successful. As member of the Internet Community we abide by the guidelines established under Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comment (RFC) #5068 which can be found here.

This RFC sets certain guidelines that anyone running an email server should follow. Among these guidlines is the rule that all email servers must listen on port 587 by default and should have the ability to listen on other ports and that any Internet connection that utilizes Network Address Translation (NAT), shall block all outbound TCP Port 25 Traffic.

Based on this RFC, Total Highspeed requires that any customer requesting access to outbound port 25 and does not have a public IP address, complete this reqest form. This request shall be kept on file in our office until the port 25 block is no longer required.


1. This policy is separate from the Total Highspeed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This policy shall be counted as a supplement to that policy. Nothing in this policy may invalidate, cancel, or supersede any statements within the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
2. Total Highspeed assumes zero liability for the protection of a customer network when TCP Port 25 is unblocked.
3. A port 25 exception will only be issued when all of the following conditions have been met, it is the end users responsibilty to contact their email service provider or system administrator and verify the following:
    - No alternate port is available such as submission port 587.
    - No SSL connection is available.
    - No IMAP service is available.
    - Obtaining a public IP would be an excessive financial burden.
4. If a customer is unable to show evidence that these conditions have been met, Total Highspeed will decline to issue the exception. Once issued Total Highspeed may revoke the exception without notice if it is discovered that these conditions are no longer met.
5. Customers who are granted an exception, shall:
    - Ensure that their systems are not compromised by virus, malware, and/or spyware.
    - Any customer found to be transmitting or relaying unsolicited email, may have the port 25 exception revoked immediately, and without any notice and may be subject to disconnection under the Total Highspeed AUP.
6. Total Highspeed is NOT liable for any lost revenues, business opportunities or other similar impacts to person(s) or business(es) for any reason.


1. Acknowledgement of Total Highspeed IP Address Policy
2. I have read and accept the Total Highspeed Port 25 Policy and agree that as an authorized representative of my household or business that all information provided within this document is true and has not been misrepresented.
3. I understand that violation(s) of this policy may result in disconnection from Total Highspeed or revokation of the port 25 exception.
4. I understand that Total Highspeed is not liable for losses, real or potential, that may occur should a violation of this policy occur.
5. I understand that Total Highspeed is not liable for damages caused by an outside party by removal of the port 25 block.
6. I agree to the official policy on file at Total Highspeed and abide by the definitions outlined by the IETF RFC 5068 and Total Highspeed in regards to acceptable use.

Type of Service:
Full Name:
Company Name:
Job Title:
Customer/Account number:
Service Address:
Email Address:
Phone (include area code):

All conditions must be met before an exception will be issued
Submission port 587 not available
SSL connection not available
IMAP not available
Obtaining a public IP would be an excessive financial burden
Signature: ____________________________ Date: 06/06/2023

Total Highspeed requires a signed and printed hard-copy of this request to be on file in our office. Any excptions that were granted will be revoked should a signed copy of this document not be delivered to our office within fourteen (14) calendar days.

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