IP Address Allocation Policy and Request Form

Revised July 2011

Total Highspeed is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) committed to providing our customers the services they need to be successful. These services include public Internet Protocol (IP) address space. Total Highspeed is a member in good standing with the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) and must abide by the guidelines established by ARIN for ISPs and WISPs.

ARIN allocates blocks of IP address space to service providers for the purpose of reassigning that space to their customers. IP version 4 space is extremely limited and ARIN requires Total Highspeed to justify IP address assignments for their customers. Total Highspeed must provide regular utilization reports to ARIN.

In turn, Total Highspeed requires that any customer using a public IP address complete sections of this form to keep on file with Total Highspeed. Total Highspeed will use this information to justify our existing allocations as well as request additional blocks in the future.

Customers requesting a single IP address may complete setion 2 only. Any customer with more than one IP address must complete sections 2 and 3.


1.1 This policy is separate from the Total Highspeed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This policy shall be counted as a supplement to that policy. Nothing in this policy may invalidate, cancel, or supersede any statements within the Acceptable Use Policy.
1.2 Public/Static Internet Address
1.2.1 A customer requested address that is a globally unique IP address accessible from any network attached to the global IP network.
1.2.2 Total Highspeed may use the vernacular references of "public", "static", "global" or other form of name reference in identifying an address assigned from ARIN or other ISP that is globally unique and accessible from the global IP network.
1.2.3 Total Highspeed assumes zero liability for the protection of a customer network whe using a static IP.
1.2.4 Customers assigned address(es) are considered the property of ARIN leased to Total Highspeed and sub-leased to the customer. This sub-lease shall be considered a "non-portable" address. Customers do NOT have any authority to further sublet any or all portions of their assigned addresses. Should a customer move their Internet Service to another ISP, Total Highspeed shall reclaim any and all addresses assigned to that customer.
1.2.5 Static addresses will be allocated on the following justified basis: Customers must: Show immediate use of 25% fo the requested IP allocation within five (5) business days. Show at least 50% utilization within ninety (90) calendar days from the date of approval from Total Highspeed. Show at least 80% utilization prior to requesting additional allocations. Submit an updated request form when more than 25% of the services or purposes have changed from the original application request. Total Highspeed reserves the right to request that customers provide an IP address utilization report within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of request, or by a specific date when requested by a governing IP authority. IP addresses shall only be allocated for physical servers or cases where name-based hosting cannot overcome existing technological limitations and must meet existing or future requirements as defined by ARIN or other IP authority.
1.2.6 Customers who have assigned addresses from Total Highspeed and receive direct assignments from ARIN or any other source, may be required to return their assignments to Total Highspeed with ninety (90) calendar days from the receive date of their new IP assignments.
1.2.7 Customers must notify Total Highspeed in writing prior to applying for ARIN or other source of IP assignments where Total Highspeed's network would be required for transport.
1.2.8 Total Highspeed reserves the first right of refusal for any application to ARIN or other source of IP assignments that would require transport across the Total Highspeed network. Total Highspeed may also require additional information in writing prior to releasing a right of refusal.
1.2.9 Total Highspeed reserves the right to reclaim any and all customer assigned IP addresses in the following manner: Total Highspeed may replace an IP block with a larger or smaller block as defined by existing customer utilization. Customers who have their block size changed in accordance with may be given up to sixty (60) calendar days in order to prepare and execute the change in IP allocation. If a customer is unable to show any utilization report, Total Highspeed may reclaim the entire IP address assignment and NOT provide any replacement. Customers who are more than sixty (60) days delinquent in billing may have their IP block removed from routing and effectively shutting off those addresses from the IP global network. Total Highspeed is NOT liable for any lost revenues, business opportunities or other similar impacts to person(s) or business(es). Customers have thirty (30) days to bring their account current or make other payment arrangements to maintain their current assignment. Customers failing to make adequate compensation will have their IP assignments reclaimed immediately. The existing service reconnect fee does NOT include the public IP addresses and customers will need to submit a new allocation request. Customers should have zero expectation that they will receive the same block of addresses as previously assigned.


2 Acknowledgement of Total Highspeed IP Address Policy
2.1 I have read and accept the Total Highspeed IP Address Policy and agree that as an authorized representative of my household or business that all information provided within this document is true and has not been misrepresented.
2.2 I understand that violation(s) of this policy may result in Total Highspeed assessing financial penalties or reclamation of assigned IP addresses.
2.3 I understand that Total Highspeed is not liable for losses, real or potential, that may occur should a violation of this policy occur.
2.4 I understand that Total Highspeed is not liable for damages caused by an outside party by my use of a public IP address.
2.5 I agree to the official policy on file at Total Highspeed and abide by the definitions outlined by ARIN and Total Highspeed in regards to acceptable use of public IP addresses.

2.6 Type of Service:
2.6.0 Number of addresses:
2.6.1 Full Name:
2.6.2 Company Name:
2.6.3 Title:
2.6.4 Customer/Account number:
2.6.5 Service Address:
2.6.6 Email Address:
2.6.7 Phone (include area code):

2.6.9 Signature: ______________________________ 2.6.10 Date: 06/06/2023

Total Highspeed requires a signed and printed hard-copy of this request to be on file in our office. All allocations requested in this form will be reclaimed should a signed copy of this document not be delivered to our office within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Only customers requesting more than one IP address need to continue below this line



3.1 Number of IP addresses requested:
    /29 - 6 usable addresses
    /28 - 14 usable addresses
    /27 - 30 usable addresses
    /26 - 62 usable addresses
    /25 - 126 usable addresses
    /24 - 254 usable addresses

3.2 Is this an additional allocation to a previous assignment?
    Yes     No

3.2.1 Previous block assignment:

3.3 Do you have IP assignments from ARIN or another ISP?
    Yes     No

3.3.1 If yes, do those assignments exceed 80% utilization?
    Yes     No
3.3.2 If yes, please attach a utilization report for your existing allocations.

3.4 Do you expect to need additional addresses within:
    6 months
    12 months
    18 months

3.5 Please describe how you plan to use the new allocation or additional IP allocation:

3.6 Is your gateway a Total Highspeed Managed Router?
    Yes     No

3.7 Gateway address:

3.8 Server or Router hostname:

3.9 Please describe your existing network and how it is routed to the internet:

3.10 Do you plan on subnetting your allocation?
    Yes     No

3.10.1 If yes, include subnet information on 3.11 below.

3.11 ARIN requires that we maintain a copy of your network diagram on file with this application
Please attach a diagram showing your PUBLIC network design as if your allocation request has been
APPROVED. Specifically highlight existing and future systems that will be deployed based upon your
justification below. All systems with a public IP address must be included in the diagram.
Justifications beyond 25 should be included as a seperate attachment.

IP space justification (IP address - Hostname - Services & Purpose)

Total Highspeed requires a signed and printed copy of this request to be on file in our office. All allocations requested in this form will be reclaimed should a signed copy of this document not be delivered to our office within fourteen (14) calendar days.

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