Internet Service Frequently Asked Questions

Today, most Internet users have heard all about the benefits of broadband access such as DSL or Cable Modem connections. But how many internet users have ever heard about Fixed-Wireless access as an alternative?

Although fixed-wireless access is starting to appear in more locations across the United States with great success, it’s not getting as much of the media limelight as other broadband services.

Total Highspeed can reach users as far as 15 miles away and possibly even farther from our access points! Here are the answers to some of the more common questions about our service. If your question isn’t answered here, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-206-2096.

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What is involved in Installation?

A typical installation is done by one of our on-staff installers climbing to the highest point on the building and mounting one of our receiver antennas. We then run outdoor rated Cat5 Ethernet cable in through the building to the room of your choice. Once inside we plug the connection into a wall outlet to power the antenna. The power cord also supplies an Ethernet plug for connecting to your device. With most users having a Wi-Fi router to connect multiple devices we recommend running the connection to a central room or location. That will allow the Wi-Fi network to reach all areas of the location.

How fast is installation?

Installations are often scheduled within days, not weeks or months as can happen with other services. With the area’s most knowledgeable staff, Total Highspeed service boasts 100% company employed installer technicians. Standard installations are scheduled within a morning (8:00am - 12:00pm) or afternoon (1:00pm - 5:00pm) appointment. Call 1-800-206-2096 today for a free site survey to see if you are eligible for Total Highspeed service.

Special Installation Circumstances

A typical installation is one that can be completed within 2 hours. Time over 2 hours is billed at $75.00 an hour when we encounter problems that are not a result of our equipment.

What are my computer requirements?

Total Highspeed service is delivered to your computer or LAN from a standard Ethernet connection. We can plug directly into any Ethernet enabled device for instant Internet access. For using multiple devices with your connection you will need one of a variety of network devices. Total Highspeed offers managed Wi-Fi routers that will allow many wireless devices and up to 4 Ethernet devices to use the Internet connection. Most residential users will already have a common Wi-Fi router, any brand works with our connections. Most businesses will already have advanced networking appliances using custom configurations. We are happy to advise and collaborate on the best way to connect our Internet to your LAN. Unfortunately liability prevents us from directly supporting or maintaining customer owned equipment, but we always try to provide helpful answers and suggestions.

Do I need a phone line for uploads like satellite systems?

Not at all. Total Highspeed uses bi-directional antennas that can send and receive from one of over 140 communication and water towers in our coverage area. Since a phone line is no longer needed, many customers cancel their traditional phone service and use common and simple Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services. Businesses can benefit from phone services from one of our VoIP vendor partners. Our ground-based radio systems are also able to deliver much lower average latency than most comparable satellite systems. That gives our Internet connections the ability to provide clear sounding, high quality calls.

What about security?

Communications between your location and our access point locations are encrypted using Data Encryption Standard (DES). This is the same security used by federal agencies in their computer networks. This is not an 802.11 Wi-Fi network.

Technical Support Policy

If you encounter a problem after we install the connection, please contact us and we will work to resolve your problem as quickly as we can. We can be reached at 1-800-206-2096 for technical support and complaints. Frequently, Total Highspeed customers call us with support issues that are not the result of using Total Highspeed Internet service and equipment. We are pleased to help as much as we are able to, but some problems may require an additional fee or a referral to a third party to solve. Generally, phone support will troubleshoot up to the Demarcation Point of the connection. However, if call volume permits we may troubleshoot further. Service technicians are only dispatched for onsite repairs once preliminary phone support has diagnosed the connection.

Does this use a satellite receiver?

Total Highspeed service is not to be confused with satellite access, like Hughes (; or lumped in with cellular phone services which are slow, require handheld devices, and often have expensive data limits. Total Highspeed Internet access does not suffer from the latency or weather fade that plagues satellite based Internet delivery. Total Highspeed service is not effected by rain, fog or snow. 

Fixed wireless does not require satellite systems, a cable connection, or even local phone service. By eliminating many of the expenses associated with other high-speed services, we are able to pass much of the savings on to our customers, providing an affordable yet high performance service for business and demanding residential users. 

Total Highspeed uses a small microwave antenna that is attached to a radio at the customer premises. The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is pointed back to an access point on one of our communications or water towers. Even during rain or snow, your Total Highspeed connection will be strong, reliable, and out of reach of falling limbs, outages, and other effects prone to wired networks.

Why Wireless?

In two words, No Wire! By removing the cabling and connections of a complex phone or cable network, Total Highspeed offers extreme reliability as an end-to-end service without another company in the middle. We feed our wireless tower network at many points with fiber optic connections. This results in better performance and higher quality support.

How do I arrange payment?

We require that the install fee be paid by check at the time of installation. For monthly service charges we take cash, checks, debit/credit cards and automatic bank draft through ACH. At Total Highspeed, we try our best to make it easy to do business!