Wireless Internet Customer Reviews

Our customers know best, so who better to learn about the quality of our service.

Your service people Jared, Jeff and Ryan were our install crew today. We have been through several service installs in the past few years. We typically have unlimited problems once a service provider leaves because they do not check our “system” to see how their changes affect our whole core of operation. We suffer phones going down, VPN going down, unwillingness to work with my IT person, etc. Today was such a pleasant experience with your service professionals. They went above and beyond to make sure every phone and computer connection was working. They were pleasant to work with Mark (our IT Pro) which made things run so smoothly. They were thorough and professional. They definitely showed your company in a very good light. If you were considering a raise for them, I affirm that. Great to work with professionals and I look forward to a great working relationship.

- Denise, La Tour Advisory Group in Springfield, MO

I want to thank everyone at your office. I was waiting a week for AT&T to set up DSL when I got a call Monday (which was about 4 days past their stated due date) saying they would not be able to provide with me DSL. I work from home and was supposed to go back to work Tuesday!! I scrambled and found a name I knew..Hughesnet. However, they could not set me up until about 11am or later on THURSDAY! Well that would force me to be off work another two days. Lo and behold, that day in the mail your advertisement came so I discussed it with my husband and we decided what could it hurt to give you a call? So amazingly, when I told Evan my dilemma he checked the schedule and said someone could be out THE SAME DAY!! I was overjoyed. So Josh came out late that afternoon and set us up. We have a ton of trees and I was afraid of the possibility that you guys just couldn’t get us internet. But Josh worked several hours and found the perfect spot and got us all set up (thanks for your hard work and overtime Josh!!) So again THANK YOU for being able to provide my service so quickly and today I was able to sign on to work and I only missed ONE extra day of work! I love you guys!!

- Shari in Strafford, MO

I’d just like to thank Total Highspeed for fantastic ongoing customer service. Every time I call, the representative is pleasant and helpful and just down right nice. Tim is particularly nice. Really, it’s very refreshing to ask for something and get it and not get hassled about it, instead just a friendly, competent response.

- Heather in Clever, MO

Everyone who has signed with [Total Highspeed] loves it. I will keep spreading the word in my area and work.

- Toi in Aurora, MO

Thank you to all the folks at Total Highspeed for providing EXCELLENT customer support. I have called Total Highspeed for various reasons recently. Each call has been handled with a high level of professionalism. My issues have been resolved timely, and I always get a thanks for doing business with us or something similar. You all deserve a WOW (Way out work)

- Darren in Monett, MO

Words cannot express my appreciation for Total High Speed Internet Company. A new technology that does not require phone lines or line of sight to a tower. No more sitting outside McDonalds while Deborah works on her internet college classes. YAY! We can all be on computers at the same time. Works great!. We are 3 mi south of hwy 60 amongst hills and trees...

- Dixie in Monett, MO

I recently switched to Total Highspeed from a satellite provider that I had used for over 2 years. I absolutely cannot believe the speed of Total Highspeed. It’s as fast or faster that the fiber optic service I had while living in Chicago.

- Bob in Monett, MO

We live in the country and satellite internet was all we could get, until I learned about Total Highspeed Internet. Installation was great, the service tech showed up on time and had us going quickly. We now have a much faster connection that stays up even when storm clouds disrupt our satellite television. Plus no more of the stupid download limits! With a teenager in our house we kept hitting our limit, now those days are gone. Thank you Total Highspeed Internet.

- Steve in Willard, MO

I highly recommend this service. I’m a computer engineer and have very high expectations on internet signal speed, quality and reliability. I extensively tested their service when I first got it, and it was consistently fast and up 99.99% of the time. It’s even more reliable than the cable internet I had when I lived in NJ. Their tech support is extremely knowledgeable & competent and their customer service is second to none.

- John in Ebenezer, MO

We’ve been happy customers for over a year now and finally had our first problem. They did their diagnostics over the telephone and scheduled a service call to come out and make necessary repairs. Had to wait a bit longer than I would have preferred, but we DO live out in the country! Not as though we live in a high traffic neighborhood for them to have a technician just ’round the corner. Keep up the great work TOTAL HIGHSPEED!

- Anthony in Marionville, MO

Wow, Great speed , killer uptime. Great customer service!! Love this service!

- Jim in Rogersville, MO

Great people and Great Service! Thanks Arron, for a Great Job!

- Kevin in Billings, MO

Total Highspeed is without a doubt the best company for internet access. All of the employees are willing to answer all your questions and concerns. They want you to be totally satisfied with their service. We wouldn’t use any other service.

- Donna in Republic, MO

We are proud to use Total Highspeed in our 2 pharmacies. Being a local business owner myself, I am all about trying to use local businesses over the Big Box Corporations. Total Highspeed’s service is exceptional and the service is very reliable. Our internet is working while other providers are down!

- Jim Coker, Owner Rogersville Pharmacy & South Oaks Pharmacy

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am not only with the quality and flexibility of your Internet service but with your customer service. You expect a sales agent to be friendly and yours is but when I called to have my service turned up to a higher rate for the month your tech support was just as warm. Your installer was a gentleman considerate of our property, professional, friendly and informative. After years of using an inferior rural Internet option you are worth every cent in the amount of time and frustration I save in waiting for uploads to my web site, taking Internet based classes and watching a movie from netflix without re buffering every 10 minutes. I recommend you to anyone who wants to live in a rural community and still be able to have quality access to the conveniences and entertainment of the web.

- Patricia, RustinPorch Pig Productions in Brookline, MO

Finally found business internet thanks to Total Highspeed, ATT or MediacomSupport wasn’t available even though my neighbor has had both.

- Shawn in Springfield, MO

We think your service is just superb and all of your personnel we have had contact with so far have been helpful and friendly. Dave Jones, your installer and technician was very efficient and competent. Our thanks to everyone there.

- Shirley in Verona, MO

I just want to say how pleased we are with your service. Would NEVER go back to a satellie system. As to the installation, I actually had to look hard for the wiring outside.I would highly recommend this service to everyone. Everyone in the office I have spoken with has been extremely helpful and nice to talk to.

- Thomas in Rogersville, MO